Hot Skin Show by Poozana Pradhan

Posted by Rancho On 01 - 21 - 2011

Hot Skin Show by Poozana Pradhan

Sexy South Indian Actress Asha Saini Hot Skin Show

Posted by Rancho On 01 - 17 - 2011

Sexy South Indian Actress Asha Saini Hot Skin Show

Miss India World Sarah-Jane

Posted by Rancho On 10 - 10 - 2009

Miss India World Sarah-Jane

Beautiful Indian Model Preetika Rao Portfolio Pictures

Posted by Rancho On 03 - 06 - 2011

Beautiful Indian Model Preetika Rao Portfolio Pictures

Charming Bollywood Actress Deeksha Seth

Posted by Rancho On 08 - 12 - 2010


She is chic, chilled out and classy. But trust me (or better, trust the oomphy photos in this spread), this babe is like a simmering volcano -- she can erupt in molten appeal when she decides to.

Better known as the Jannat girl, Sonal Chauhan started her Bollywood career starring opposite Emraan Hashmi in the Mahesh Bhatt sleeper hit from summer '08.

But from being the fresh faced girl in that thriller-romance set in the backdrop of cricket betting, to working with (and liking) someone like Saif Ali Khan, she surely has come a long way.

Bajaj Auto launches much awaited Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Best 250cc motorcycle in the world Available through Probiking outlets

Bajaj Auto announced the launch of the much awaited Kawasaki Ninja 250R in India. It is widely acknowledged as the best 250cc motorcycle in the world. In India it will be available through Bajaj Probiking showrooms.

Powered by a 249cc parallel twin engine that belts out 33PS of power, it is a true supersport motorcycle that draws its lineage from the legendary larger Kawasaki Ninjas. But what makes this motorcycle unique is its near perfect combination of performance, riding comfort and ease of handling. As a result it is as popular among casual riders as it is among serious enthusiasts. Not surprisingly it is the largest selling 250cc motorcycle in the world.
In an exclusive scoop, ZigWheels unearths the final technical drawings for the exteriors of Nissan's global small car set to hit India next year!
To be built at three or four Nissan facilities worldwide including India (which would supply right hand drive cars to all such markets), the new vehicle with its pronounced curvy bodywork is in fact the next generation Micra. Whether it sports this model name for India is yet to be ascertained.

Irrespective of the name, this is one car that could rock the tightly packed Indian small car space and set the course for Nissan in India. We're keeping a close watch on this one, so stay logged in!
BMW India has brought in the new latest international version of its acclaimed Z4 roadster into the country. Launched on 12 Oct 2009 in Mumbai, the Z4 will demand a price tag of Rs 59 lakh ex-showroom for the Z4 sDrive35i variant.

The sDrive35i is the 2009 Z4's top-of-the-line variant, featuring BMW's new dual-clutch 7-speed automatic gearbox. The three-litre twin-turbo inline-six engine makes a stonking 306PS of power and 400 Nm of torque. In cue with Beemer's sporty traditions, the new car also has Dynamic Drive control that let's the user choose between Normal, Sport and Sport + modes.

BMW already has its 6-series convertible on sale in India, and even though the Z4 shares its top-down traits with the 6, that is where the similarities end. The Z4 forms a completely different class of cars, smaller in size, a true two-seater in roadster fashion, but with great power and very manageable dimensions for nimble and agile handling. The 2009 model also has a major improvement over its predecessor - the car now comes with a foldable hard-top roof, and hence replaces both the coupe and cabriolet versions of the earlier model.

10 Out of the World Places in World

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Blood Pond Hot Spring is one of the "hells" (jigoku) of Beppu, Japan, nine spectacular natural hot springs that are more for viewing rather than bathing. The “blood pond hell” features a pond of hot, red water, colored as such by iron in the waters. It’s allegedly the most photogenic of the nine hells. (Photos: L Plater and phototravel).
Antarctica's Dry Valleys, with their barren gravel-strewn floors, are said to be the most similar place on Earth to Mars. Its fascinating landscape, located within Victoria Land west of McMurdo Sound, get almost no snowfall, and except for a few steep rocks they are the only continental part of Antarctica devoid of ice. The terrain looks like something not of this Earth; the valley’s floor occasionally contains a perennially frozen lake with ice several meters thick. Under the ice, in the extremely salty water, live mysterious simple organisms, a subject of on-going research.
Ice caves are very different from normal caves. They have a strange feeling about them, as though they are not from this planet, and one has just temporarily stepped into their world when spelunking their depths.

There are many ice caves throughout the world, but the Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Austria are some of the largest known to man. They are located within the Tennengebirge Mountains near Salzburg and stretch for a remarkable 40 kilometers. Only a portion of the labyrinth is open to tourists but it's enough to get a taste of what the remaining network is like: a truly mesmerizing palate of Mother Nature's handicraft.
In the hot sun of summer, the water of Spotted Lake, located in British Columbia and Washington, evaporates and crystallizes the minerals, forming many white-rimmed circles: shallow pools that reflect the mineral content of the water in shades of blues and greens. It contains one of the worlds highest concentrations of minerals: magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts), calcium and sodium sulphates, plus eight other minerals and traces of four more, including silver and titanium.

The Indians soaked away aches and ailments in the healing mud and waters. One story cites a truce in a battle to allow both warring tribes to tend to their wounded in the Spotted Lake, "Kliluk".
Vale da Lua (Moon Valley) is a water eroded rock formation with natural swimming pools, placed on a river in the brazilian cerrado forest. Located at Chapada, 38 km from Alto Paraíso de Goiás, it’s rock formations are one of the oldest on the planet, made of quartz with outcrops of crystals. (Photo by: Alex)
This spectacular landform in Mauritania in the southwestern part of the Sahara desert, called the Richat Structure, is so huge with a diameter of 30 miles that it is visible from space. The formation was originally thought to be caused by a meteorite impact but now geologists believe it is a product of uplift and erosion. The cause of its circular shape is still a mystery.
The giant opencast mines of Rio Tinto create a surreal, almost lunar landscape. Its growth has consumed not only mountains and valleys but even entire villages, whose populations had to be resettled in specially built towns nearby. Named after the river which flows through the region-itself named for the reddish streaks that colour its water-Rio Tinto has become a landscape within a landscape. The river red water is highly acidic (pH 1.7—2.5) and rich in heavy metals.
This island simply blows away any notion about what is considered “normal” for a landscape on Earth, you’d be inclined to think you were transported to another planet - or traveled to another era of Earth’s history. Socotra Island, which is part of a group of four islands, has been geographically isolated from mainland Africa for the last 6 or 7 million years. Like the Galapagos Islands, the island is teeming with 700 extremely rare species of flora and fauna, a full 1/3 of which are endemic.
The climate is harsh, hot and dry, and yet - the most amazing plant life thrives there. Situated in the Indian Ocean 250 km from Somalia and 340 km from Yemen, the wide sandy beaches rise to limestone plateaus full of caves (some 7 kilometers in length) and mountains up to 1525 meters high. The trees and plants of this island were preserved thru the long geological isolation, some varieties being 20 million years old.
The Shilin (Chinese for stone forest) is an impressive example of karst topography. Its rocks are made of limestone and are formed by water percolating the ground’s surface and eroding away everything but the pillars. It’s known since the Ming Dynasty as the 'First Wonder of the World.'
Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni is perhaps one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. A magnificent area with an impressive salt desert (the world's largest), active volcanoes, tall cacti islands and geyser flats, it exists like an alien mirage, something completely out-of-this-world. Oddee's crew went there in July 2008, be sure to check it out.

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