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Suzuki Hayabusa 1999-2008

Posted by Wepokers On 10:55 AM

The 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-R1340
You can't deny the performance !

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Hayabusa fans have been waiting patiently to see the ol’ bus overhauled, as it’s changed barely a jot since its introduction in 1999. There
are plenty of worthwhile tech upgrades, but those hoping for a radical redesign may be slightly disappointed because the changes are more evolution than revolution.
The styling has been smartly modernised but without making a major departure from the
existing shape or profile. Only the swooping new tail-unit, which has a hint of the classic sportscar about it, catches the eye as markedly different. In essence, the Hayabusa is just as bulbous and curvy as it was before, presumably to retain warpspeed-conducive aerodynamics. And, like those women who describe themselves as ‘curvy’ in dating ads... yes, the ‘Busa is still fat and ugly (in fact, 3kg fatter),
albeit with plenty of personality. And around 200bhp. The new Hayabusa will be priced close to 18.000 U.S. Dollars (9.000 GBP) and will be available from October.
Here are some details about the new unleashed beast:

The most important change from a practical point of view is the new exhaust system, which saves the ‘Busa from Brussels’ scrap yard by meeting Euro 3 emissions rules. The penalty is gargantuan dual silencers, similar to those of the GSX-R1000 K7... bring on the titanium Yoshimura.

It’s always handled surprisingly nimbly, but the new Hayabusa has a refined chassis that is lighter and more rigid.

The new instrument cluster includes a gear indicator and drive mode indicator.

Wind protection is improved by a slightly wider fairing and 15mm-higher screen,
designed to reduce the drag caused by the rider’s arms and legs.

Fuel injection
Updated with Suzuki’s latest dual valve, dual injector setup and the GSX-R1000’s S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) – selectable engine mapping, offering three different types of power delivery.

The revised, 43mm forks have a ‘Diamond-Like’ titanium carbide coating to minimise
static friction.

Steering damper
It come with a steering damper straight from the fabric. This is a similar electronic item to that on the GSX-R1000.

Rear sub-frame
The old bike’s ally sub-frame didn’t like hard-luggage and exhaust mods, so the new ‘un uses stronger rectangular steel tubing to increase the load-bearing capacity.

Displacement is up to 1,340cc, with new, lighter pistons and titanium valves. Compression is up to 12.5:1, and cylinder skirts have large ‘U’ cutouts to reduce pumping losses.

The brakes, one of the old bike’s few weak points, have been brought up to date with the addition of radial mount, four-piston calipers and smaller (310mm), thicker discs.

Spec Highlights
■ Engine: 4-stroke, inline-four, l/c, DOHC 16v
■ Displacement: 1,340cc
■ Gearbox: six-speed
■ Chassis: Twin-spar aluminium
■ Rake/trail: 24.2°/98mm
■ Wheelbase: 1,485mm
■ Fuel capacity: 21 litres
■ Dry weight: 220kg
■ Peak power: 200bhp

PRICE: $18000
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